William F. Sheehan

William F. Sheehan


HIJACK! ® is an action-packed story about a man getting his wish; to experience the exciting life of a secret agent.

Cooper “Coop” Hudson, a young stockbroker, was traveling on a train from Montreal to Toronto when it was overrun by international terrorists. There were many of them. They had weapons, hostages, and a nuclear bomb they threatened to detonate if their demands were not met by the time they reached Toronto’s main railway station which was deep in the heart of that city.

Driven by a strong sense of justice, adventure, and a wild imagination, Cooper set out to foil those culprits and save the other passengers. He employed assistance from Secret Agent Jack Derringer, the fictional hero of Hollywood spy thrillers, to combat those villains.  Things, however, did not go as smoothly for Cooper as he had hoped and this broker found himself with a seemingly impossible challenge.

Even the government tried to stop these terrorists.

William F. Sheehan

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Apparently, when American asbestos giant, Johns-Manville (JM), opened its doors at Port Union (now part of Toronto), Canada, in 1948, this firm did not care who got killed.

Even children of that tiny unsuspecting farm-community seemed to be fair game.

Worst, over years, entities, who should have been safeguarding those plus other Port Union people were, apparently, instead, turning a blind eye to their JM-related problems. Frequently, too, these regulators even seemed to be exacerbating those dilemmas.

So, should the "world-class" health disaster, which resulted, have been a surprise?

Were JM's employees plus neighbours needlessly and intentionally placed in harm's way?

Moreover, did the hazard stop after this firm 'officially' ceased its local asbestos operations?

At no surprise, some individuals want those questions left unanswered.

Yet, for more than a decade - and despite numerous threats - William F. Sheehan researched these and other important related subjects.

Undoubtedly, many will find his results shocking.

Coming Soon!

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