Subject Group - Website (Technical):

1.    Issue:        "HIJACK!" would not instantly-download or did not fully-download.

       Response:    a) Try downloading again.

            b) The sever might be busy. In this case, try downloading later.

            c) There might be a power blackout. There might even be a severe weather/environment interruption.

                 So, try again later.

            d) Turn off your popup blockers and try downloading again.

            e) Turn on your Java script capabilities and then try downloading again. About 9% of internet users have
                 turned off their Java script. Well, doing that might adversely effect the way this website behaves and
                 their downloading. (Some of this website's source code was written in Java script.)

                 Where can you get Java script capabilities? Try:

2.     Issue:        "After paying for them, I did not receive a username and password."

        Response:     Normally, usernames and passwords are automatically sent to the email address customers provide,
            when paying.  If you paid, but did not receive, in your inbox, a DDDPL-assigned username and password, then
            you might have submitted an erroneous email address. In this case, please explain your situation, to DDDPL,
            at You will have to provide the same identification information you gave, to PayPal,
            and DDDPL will have to match it against information, received from PayPal, before making a decision.

            Another explanation, however, might be that part of the matrix on which DDDPL depends, for processing
            transactions and distributing passwords, et cetera, is experiencing a power blackout or routine maintenance.

            Like you, DDDPL does not control every aspect of the internet.

            Once the blackout or maintenance has ended, however, then backlogged orders, for usernames and
            passwords, should automatically be filled.

            The server might just be busy. In this case, it will, eventually, get to your order.

            Your email program might only check your inbox once every 30 minutes, or so.

            So, give the system at least 5 minutes to supply your username and password. If you are in a hurry and
            using Outlook Express, then click on "Tools", "Send and Receive", then "Send and Receive All" or
            "Receive All".

            Provided that your Outlook Express is properly connected to your email accounts, then those steps should
            get it to immediately check for new mail.

            If you have still not received your username plus password and feel that too much time has passed,
            though,  then tell DDDPL about this, by emailing such message to:

            Depending on what you say plus what DDDPL can determine, a new username and password might be
            issued. The refund period, too, might be extended.

3.     Issue:        "I paid for "HIJACK!", but the program will not grant me access."

       Response:    Contact Support ( If there is a record of your purchase, then you will be issued a new
            username and password. (During this process, the old username and password will be deactivated.)

4.    Question:    "Can I get my money back?"

       Response:     Generally, paid customers can get the cover price plus tax(es)) (if applicable) refunded provided that the
            refund demand is made within 10 days of purchase (day one starts on the day immediately following the purchase
            date). [For DDDPL's refund policy, see: Policies - especially Policy #9.]

5.    Question:    "Why is the user license agreement called "User License Agreement #1"?"

       Response:    The document was labelled "#1", in order to separate it from other (future) user agreements. As more
            products come online, DDDPL expects to create, for each, a separate user agreement. So, numbering
            them just seemed to be a convenient way for avoiding confusion.

6.    Question:    "Why does this website have numerous notices saying that carrying out various actions will indicate an
            entity agrees with DDDPL's Policies and User Agreement License?"

       Response:    They were posted for the purpose of giving DDDPL several chances to protect its copyright plus other

Subject Group - "Hijack!" (Non-Technical):

1.    Question:    "For how long is the movie deal available?"

       Response:    The present movie deal will be offered until its applicable license is sold or the deal is modified or ended.
            Loosely, however, it is being treated on a 'first come first serve basis'. The successful applicant, though,
            will be subject to conditions set out by DDDPL.

2.    Question:    "How can I get a role in the movie "HIJACK!""?

       Response:    Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited is not casting parts for "HIJACK!" That would be the job of
            the license holder. You would have to contact that entity for such answer.

            Presently, however, there is no license holder since this document has not yet been sold.

3.    Question:    "Will Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited identify who to contact for casting information?"

       Response:    Perhaps. Such would depend on conditions of the license sale and willingness of the buyer to divulge
            such information.

Subject Group - "Folks for the Killing" (Non-Technical):

1.    Question:    "My loved one got injured/killed from Johns-Manville's asbestos. Who should be blamed? Also, will "Folks
            for the Killing" help me in my lawsuit?"

       Response:    Interested parties should read "Folks for the Killing", by William F. Sheehan, when it becomes available, at
            this website. DDDPL believes the book is well documented.

2.    Question:    "Will "Folks for the Killing" help me get Workmen's Compensation?"

       Response:    Among other things, "Folks for the Killing", by William F. Sheehan, deals with workmen's compensation
            issues. Interested parties, therefore, should read the ebook when it becomes available, at this website.

3.    Question:    "Is it safe to build a school on the former Johns-Manville site, at Port Union?"

       Response:    Among other things, "Folks for the Killing", by William F. Sheehan, examines this issue. So, interested
            parties  should read the ebook when it becomes available, at this website.

4.    Question:    "What was "Kids for the Killing"?"

       Response:    Just a temporary working title.

[Note: Both "Hijack!" and "Folks for the Killing" are trademarks of Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited.]


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