DDDPL does not charge a fee for downloading copies of HIJACK! ®.

Instead, a fee will be charged when and if you decide to access much content of the copy you downloaded. Then you will have to pay DDDPL for a password and username. You will need them in order to unlock your copy.

People who attained their copy of HIJACK! ®, via file-sharing, will also have to buy a password and username, from DDDPL, if they want to access much content of their copy.

Part of the unlocking process requires users to register their copy of HIJACK! ® with DDDPL. During this procedure, these individuals will have to provide the firm with certain identifying information (name, street address, et cetera). [For DDDPL's privacy policy, see Policies].  Those individuals will have to be truthful about their registration information, if they want the option of refunding their purchase. To help guard against fraud and other maliciousness, DDDPL has a strict refund policy. [For DDDPL's refund policy, see: Policies - especially Policy #9.]

Everyone who wants to download must agree to abide by the company's rules. So, prior to downloading, familiarize yourself with the Policies and User License Agreement #1. Largely, the rules, in this literature, deal with protecting DDDPL's copyright and other assets.

So, prior to downloading, you will have to indicate that you agree to follow the terms stated in those documents.

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Have you read DDDPL's User License Agreement #1?
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