Terms of License:

1. You (the licensee) have no rights except for those specifically set out in this license. If there is doubt about something which is either covered or not, by this license, then you agree to ask DDDPL, via email or regular mail, for direction. Only DDDPL may make such direction(s)/ determination(s) and issue such response. Also, you agree to abide by all of DDDPL’s decision(s). DDDPL will attempt to reply to serious and reasonable inquiries.

2. i) You entered into this license by purchasing a Hijack! ® -related username and password or by indicating such or by indicating your agreement to enter into this license or by downloading or installing or using the software to which this license pertained.

ii)  If you use or install the software or pay for its username and/or password, then you agree to the terms of this license plus DDDPL’s policies.

3. The software is protected by copyright treaties as well as international plus local copyright and other laws.

4. The software and license are property of Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited (DDDPL), which has exclusive right to grant user licenses. All rights are reserved by DDDPL. DDDPL has exclusive title to the software and its documentation.

5. i) Only Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited may cancel/change/remove/revoke /deny this license and such can happen at any time and without notice. You agree that this license remains in force until canceled/removed/revoked/denied by DDDPL. If this license is canceled/ revoked, then, at least the username(s) and password(s) will be deactivated. You agree that DDDPL may freely cancel/change/remove/revoke/deny this license. Similarly, DDDPL’s policies
might change at anytime and without notice.

ii) Loosely, over a 5-year period,  each Username and Password may be registered up to 3 times. Generally, each 5-year period commences on the date of initial registration. All passwords and usernames, however,  expire after 5 years, but DDDPL is free to change these amounts. 5-year renewals may require an extra payment.

iii) Periodically, old usernames and passwords might have to be replaced with new ones. The decision to do such, though, will only be at DDDPL’s sole  discretion. All usernames and passwords are subject to DDDPL’s policies and user license agreement(s).

6. This license is for, but shall not be limited by, the/your use of Hijack! ®, an ebook by William F. Sheehan. This license is also for all DDDPL documentation which relates to that book.

7. You may not install or use the software, if you do not agree to the terms of this license.

8. You agree to obey DDDPL’s policies. Similarly, you agree that this license is subject to the policies of DDDPL and may be changed/altered at any time.

9. You agree to hold DDDPL, DDDPL’s suppliers (including, but not limited to the software’s author), employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, and agents harmless in the event of damage caused by DDDPL’s software. You agree that your use of the software is at your own risk. You agree that DDDPL, DDDPL’s suppliers, employees, contractors, affiliates, and agents do not warranty anything nor do they provide any guarantees. Further, you agree that the software is provided ‘as-is’ and does not have any warranty(s) or guarantee(s). The software’s author,
DDDPL, all of DDDPL’s suppliers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, and
agents shall not be  held liable under any circumstances.

10. You agree not to take action against DDDPL, DDDPL’s suppliers, employees, affiliates, contractors, and agents for any reason.

11. You agree not to dismantle, disassemble, decompile, hack, translate, or reverse-engineer any DDDPL software or software attained from DDDPL, its website, affiliates, or agents. Similarly, you agree not to do anything which might reveal the software’s source code. Also, you may not change the software nor isolate its component parts. You may not use the software’s source code for anything other than what is allowed by this license.

12. You agree not to defeat nor try defeating any of that software’s security features.

13. If you conduct a legal preceding which involves DDDPL, then you agree to carry out such undertaking in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and under the local Canadian laws.

14. You agree to pay for DDDPL’s legal plus other costs (including, but not limited to: administrative fees; supplies; wages (to be determined by DDDPL); accommodations; food; transportation; and, damages (to be determined by DDDPL)), if this firm does have to participate in a legal preceding caused, in whole or in part, by you.

15. You agree to provide DDDPL with accurate registration information.

16. You agree that DDDPL shall determine eligibility of refund requests.

17. You agree that Dirty Dangerous & Deadly Productions Limited is a Canadian corporation.

18. You agree not to bundle the software with other products/services/items unless first attaining permission from DDDPL.

19. i) This license is non-transferable, between entities. Although it applies to each copy of the software you install or use,  your instance of this license pertains only to you; it cannot be transferred/shared between you and somebody else/third party.

This license, however, also applies to any copy of the software which leaves your possession and/or you make available. You agree to take all of the steps necessary for avoiding negligence.

In addition, this license applies to the DDDPL documentation regarding those copies.

Every installer or user of the software, though, will use a separate instance of DDDPL’s correct user license.

ii) Your license may not be transferred to software upgrades. If you attain a software upgrade, then you agree to also use, for it, a separate instance of DDDPL’s proper user license. You agree that different instances of DDDPL’s software might require different instances of this firm’s user license(s). So, in any case, you agree to use the correct (DDDPL-determined) user license. Only DDDPL may determine correctness of a license.

iii) Each copy of the software plus its related DDDPL documentation is covered by and is
subject to a proper instance of this license.  Only DDDPL may determine appropriateness of a license.

iv)  Unless stated in writing,  by DDDPL, this (User License Agreement #1), shall be the correct license for HIJACK! ®, an ebook by William F. Sheehan.

20. You may make exact, unaltered, and complete copies of the software and distribute them to other entities who wish to evaluate this software provided that: i) those entities agree to this license; ii) you are not paid for such undertaking; iii) you are not bundling the software with any other product, item, or service; iv) you are not claiming to represent DDDPL; and, v) you are not claiming to be an agent/affiliate/associate/ supplier/contractor/employee of DDDPL. You agree not to make images of the software. When those entities agree to this license, then they are agreeing to be bound by a proper instance of the license that will be separate from your instance. Only DDDPL may determine what is a proper license.

21. i) If you install the software on more than one computer, then this license shall extend to your usage of those copies, too. Your usage aside, this license still applies to those copies and obligates you to ensure they do not get used in ways which violate this license and DDDPL policies. You agree not to share your username and/or password with other people/entities.

ii) You may let other entities use those copies provided those entities agree to this license. In any case, those entities must agree to this license. [Also note Clause #20, above.]

22. If you purchase a separate proper DDDPL license for another instance of HIJACK! ®,
then that license shall pertain to that instance plus all copies of it which are made, installed, and used. Only DDDPL  shall determine what is a proper license.

23. This license is not a copyright. Similarly, this license does not pass, assign, nor award any proprietary rights, copyrights, or title(s) regarding the licensed software. All intellectual rights pertaining to the software and its documentation belong exclusively to and are vested in DDDPL. Those rights include, but are not limited to, copyright(s).

24. You may not give nor claim to give anyone rights regarding the software.

25. You may not do anything, with respect to the software, DDDPL, DDDPL’s suppliers, agents, affiliates, employees, and contractors, which might be specifically absent from this license.

26. If you breach this license, then DDDPL may do whatever it deems fit for dealing with such situation.

27. If you provided DDDPL with an email address, then you will have been deemed notified/ served when DDDPL sends an email to that address. Similarly, you will have been deemed notified/served when DDDPL posts the notice at its website.

28. Any changes made to the software or documentation, resulting from communication(s) with the licensee(s) shall be exclusive property of DDDPL. Further, the licensee(s) shall not be compensated.

29. You may not remove/cancel any rights notices from this license, the software, or accompanying documentation.

30. You may not incorporated this software into a website or other item or service.

31. To view the software, you agree to purchase a username and password, from DDDPL at the price and terms set by this firm.

32. You agree that the username and password you purchase from DDDPL shall enable you to register that software up to three times. You agree, however, that the username and password shall be limited by the five-year restriction (See: Policies).

33. You agree not to defame/slander/slur/damage/embarrass DDDPL.

34. This agreement’s headings are merely for convenience and are not to be used for changing or restricting this agreement’s interpretation.

35. You agree not to place HIJACK! ® on a server nor on/in any mechanism/arrangement that violates the copyright and/or enables more than one person to simultaneously read a valid individual instance of this ebook.


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